‘Half Truths’,  Curated by Vanessa Murrell, London, 2023

Troubled Water (Rea!), Lampo, Milan, 2023

OTO (RCA x LUX Moving Image), Fold, London, 2023

Artifice, (Ripped), The Bomb Factory , London, 2023
Babele (Curated by Caspar Giorgio Williams), Spazio Musa, Turin, 2023

Rea! Art Fair, Fabricca Del Vapore, Milan, 2022

Not Long But Very Good, Matt’s Gallery, London, 2021

Slade Degree Show,  London,  2021

A Way to Break Through, online show,  2020

Melon Cauli, Carolines Garden’s Chapel, London, 2019

Themselves Warehouse Festival, Unit 8, Copeland park, London, 2019

Art Show, Safehouse 1, London, 2019

Boys Don’t Cry, Karma Sanctum, London, 2019

Boys Don’t Cry, Candid Arts Trust, London, 2018

Themselves: Group Show, Five Bells , London, 2018

Publications, etc.

Worthwhile Unions #03 with Anna Clegg, Resonance Extra, 2023

Rea! Exhibiton Prize, Milan, 2022

Era Journal - Issue 15: ‘Up and Away’, 2022

Round Table Discusion: Emerging Technologies and Art, UCL Art Futures and Serpentine Gallery,  2021

Era Journal - Issue 14: ‘Get Real’, 2021

Thing 018: From the Drained Pool, Form IV, 2021

Collage, Or: A Fair Day’s Fiddle, Themselves Publication, 2020


Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, BFA, 2021

Kingston University, Foundation, 2017


By creating ambiguous narratives, loosely based on personal experience, and observed synchronicities, I try to explore the nature of being, the real and the relationship between fiction and our phaneron. Drawn to the unknown and the uncanny, I rely heavily on instinct and coincidence during the decision-making process that may seem arbitrary, but to me is beautifully systematic. Film, sculpture, drawing and performance are all mediums I use to question myself and the things I come into contact with.
By seeking sincerity in the absurd, and allowing it to permeate the mundane, my work can often be read  as  both whimsical and tragically heartfelt.